17th June 2020 Charter Meeting

Time: 7.30pm.

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3rd June 2020 Charter Meeting

We have an additional meeting in June 2020.

In view the current COVID-19 situation, this meeting will be held online.

Time: 7.30pm.

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20th May 2020 Charter Meeting

On 20 May 2020 , Queenstown Toastmasters has its 3rd Online Chapter Meeting.

It’s the last meeting before Singapore officially exit from Circuit Breaker. However, with continued restriction by the government due to gradual reopening, online meeting will take root.

The theme of the meeting was “Begin each day with a grateful heart”. Our participants has enthusiastically shared what they were grateful for despite current period of crisis.

Word of the day was “Contented”. In line with the theme, participants are encouraged to use the word in their speeches.

As usual, the meeting started with Table Topics, followed by Prepared Speech and their respective Evaluations.

Our list of appointment holders and participants are as follow:

Toastmasters of the Evening(TME): James Lim
Sergeant at Arms(SAA): Aaron Azhari
Table Topics Master: Andass Teu
Language Evaluator(LE): Avreal Teng
Ah Counter: Tracy Wong
Timer: Poh Liang Siah

Table Topics
1. Li Shan Shan
2. Wendy Neo
3. Thomas Chen
4. Richard

Prepared Speech
1. Edna Soon
2. Wendy Neo
3. Chee Kim Loon
4. Ong Sin Tiong

1. Li Shan Shan
2. Aaron Azhari
3. Bernice Peck
4. Thomas Chen

The awards as follow:
Best Table Topics: Thomas Chen
Best Prepared Speech: Ong Sing Tiong
Best Evaluation: Thomas Chen

We are also grateful to all visitors who have made the effort to join our meeting.

To celebrate the official end of circuit breaker, club will hold a surprise meeting next month!

Stay tuned to find out more!

Last but not least, we wish all our Muslim friends Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri!

On 20 May 2020 , Queenstown Toastmasters has its 3rd Online Chapter Meeting.It’s the last meeting before Singapore…

Posted by Queenstown Toastmasters Club on Sunday, May 24, 2020

Our Member at District Level Speech Contest

Our club member Aaron Azhari took part in District 80 Table Topics Contest on 10 May 2020.

To reach this stage of the contest is no simple feat. Participants have to first qualify 3 contests at Club, Area and Division level respectively as champions!

We did not eventually emerge victorious. However, Queenstown Toastmasters is proud that we have made it this far! Valuable experience gained and we hope we can come back stronger in future!

Well done Aaron!

29th April 2020 Club Meeting (Online)

Another online chapter meeting was successfully conducted on 29th April 2020.

The theme of the meeting was “Continued Learning”.

In the midst of semi-lockdown situation in Singapore, many people have more free time at home and yearning to find new things to learn.

Our online meeting has provided an opportunity to allow our participants to present themselves virtually, an essential skill for a future digitalised economy.

Many thanks to all appointment holders and participants, especially Willie Loh, Owen Ter, Belinda Lee and Adeline Yeo who specially took up various appointment roles as our visitors.

A summary of the meeting:

Toastmasters of the Evening(TME): Aaron Azhari
Table Topics Master: Eng Zee Lin
General Evaluator: Willie Loh
Timer: Chee Kim Loon
Ah-Counter: Tracy Wong

Prepared Speech Speakers:
1. Andass Teu Real Estate
2. Edna Soon
3. Wendy Neo
4. Ong Sin Tiong

1. Owen Ter
2. Belinda Lee
3. Poh Liang Siah
4. James Lim

With the partial-lockdown still in place till at least 1 June, our Chapter Meeting in May will still be an online meeting.

We hope everyone stay Safe and stay Healthy!

15th April 2020 Club Meeting (Online)

On 15th April 2020, Queenstown Toastmasters organised its first ever Online Chapter Meeting on Zoom.

The initial attempt was not smooth as we were interrupted by the breakdown of StarHub network on the same day.

Nevertheless, our members found a way through this inconvenience and participated actively in the meeting.

Our visit was also joined by various guests in Singapore and across national boundaries!

We thank everyone who has joined us for this meeting!

Hope everyone stay safe and healthy!

Our roles for the day:

Toastmasters of the Evening (TME): Chee Kim Loon
Sergeant at Arms (SAA): Aaron Azhari
Table Topics Master: James Lim
Speaker 1: Andass Teu
Speaker 2: Edna Soon
Speaker 3: Bernice Peck
Speaker 4: Ong Sin Tiong

Evaluator 1: Luca Muller
Evaluator 2: Sindy Ong
Evaluator 3: Tracy Wong
Evaluator 4: Yu Ming Yuen

Language Evaluator: Aaron Ting
Timer: Li Shan Shan
Zoom Master: Aaron Azhari

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District 80 Division D Speech Contests

On 5 April 2020, 2 of our members participated in the Division D Speech Contests, after being crowned as champions in the previous Area D3 Contests in their respective competitions.

Summary of our participation are as follow:

International Speech: Aaron Azhari

Humorous Speech: Poh Liang Siah

Table Topics: Aaron Azhari

The contest was more intense than the previous round as we are competing with various contestants from different Areas.

In the end, we emerged victorious in one of the category.

Summary of our results as follows:

Table Topics : (CHAMPION) – Aaron Azhari

As a winner of the category, Aaron will move on to participate in District 80 (National level) Table Topics Contest.

We hope that you may do us proud once again!


District 80 Area D3 Speech Contests

On Saturday (28 March 2020), 4 of our members participated in the Area D3 Contest. List of participants are as follow;

International Speech:

1. Arju Chowbey Chakraborty
2. Aaron Azhari

Humour is Speech:

1. Wong Jia Ler
2. Poh Liang Siah

Table Topic:

1. Poh Liang Siah
2. Aaron Azhari

Due to current Covid-19 situation, the contest was conducted online to minimise social contact. Nevertheless, this has not dampened the spirit of our participants. ??

The outcome of the contest was fantastic. 3 of our participants have either clinched winner or runner up for their respective categories.

Summary of our results ?

International Speech:
(Champion) Aaron Azhari

Humorous Speech:
(Champion) Poh Liang Siah
(1st Runner-up) Wong Jia Ler

Table Topics:
(Champion) Aaron Azhari

They will represent the club and Area D3 in the next level at Divison D Contest.

The contest will be held on 5 April (Sunday) 1:30pm to 4:30pm online via Zoom.

Congratulations ? ? to all our participants and may you do the club proud once again!

18th December 2019 Club Meeting

Venue: 7.30pm at Queenstown CC Conference Room

20th November 2019 Club Meeting

Venue: 7.30pm at Queenstown CC Conference Room

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