30th January 2019 Club Meeting

Venue: 7.30pm at Queenstown CC Conference Room.

12th Jan 2019 Club Speech Contests

We will have the following contests:
– International Speech
– Evaluation
– Table Topics

Join us to find out who will be representing the club in the Area level contests.
Venue: 7.30pm at Queenstown CC Conference Room.

15th March 2017 Club Chapter Meeting

15th March 2017 Club Chapter Meeting – Where Leaders are made!
Join us for the meeting to find out more.

QTMC Annual Speech Craft Workshop 2015

Fellow Toastmasters and Guests,

We’re proud to present the Annual Speech Craft Workshop organized by Queenstown Toastmasters Club!

This event has traditionally been well-received, and we welcome all (Toastmasters or not) to participate in the workshop. It will be held on the 4th, 11th and 25th of November, 2015.

This is the schedule of events.


4 Nov 2015

  • Creating your 1st Speech
  • Impromptu Speaking

11 Nov 2015

  • Engaging your Audience with Effective Delivery

25 Nov 2015

  • Enhancing Speeches with Language Tools



TMC Members: 1 Session – $15, 3 Sessions – $30

Non TMC / Guests: 1 Session $30, 3 Sessions – $75


To sign-up, simply drop us an email at queenstownvppr@gmail.com.



QTMC 2015 Humorous Speech and Evaluation Contest

Many a curious face peered into the Conference Room at Queenstown Community Centre, if only to ascertain the source of incessant laughter that permeated the corridors. It was to be expected, as Queenstown Toastmaster’s Club held their annual Humorous and Evaluation Speech Contest on Wednesday, the19th of August.


With the welcoming address as our hors d’oeuvres, the main course of the night was indubitably the Humorous Speech Contest. The variety of speeches furnished by our contestants were delectably singular; from the flirting episodes of a heartbroken girl, to frantic searches of a half-naked man, the audience was treated to a series of sincere, meaningful, and most importantly, funny speeches.


Not to be outdone, the Evaluation Contest kicked off with a bang, with test speaker, Quok Lu, delivering an emotionally charged script. Our contestants proceeded to display their prowess for detail, sieving out the subtleties that strengthened his speech, and the detriments that derailed it. It was an enriching segment in more ways than one, not only for Quok Lu, but everyone.


The results for the contest are:


Humorous Speech Contest:

1st: Rose Ho

2nd: Kelvin Ng

3rd: Travis Teo


Evaluation Contest:

1st: Shaun Sim

2nd: Chee Kim Loon

3rd: Poh Liang Siah


Congratulations to the aforementioned contestants! The champion and the first runners-up will represent the club at the Area D5 Humorous Speech and Evaluation Contest, held on the 5th of September, at the Radin Mas Community Centre Conference Room.


We would like to extend our heartfelt appreciation to the following people, without whom this contest would not have been possible:

  • Our Chief Judge, Daniel Tran, ACG, ALB, for overseeing the contest.
  • Our Contest Toastmaster, Melvyn Goh, ACB, CL, for helping the contest run smoothly.
  • Our Judges, for taking time off their busy schedule to attend our humble contest.
  • Our Contest Sergeant-at-Arms, Helen Tan, ACB, ALB, and Zachary Tan, for facilitating the contest.
  • Our Organizing Chair, Anne Nguyen, for her time and dedication to managing her maiden event.
  • Our Organizing Advisor, Timothy Lin, ACG, ALB, for helping out in every possible manner.
  • Our Contest Timers and Tally Counters.

Last, but certainly not least, we would like to thank everyone who attended the contest. This contest would certainly not be complete without you.


Hope to see you at the next chapter meeting!

QTMC 18th EXCO Installation and Achiever’s Night

Queenstown Toastmaster’s Club celebrated the successful term of the 17th EXCO and welcomed the 18th EXCO with our Installation and Achiever’s Night on 15 July 2015. Definitely one for the record books, we acknowledged and appreciated the outstanding work of the 17th EXCO, and witnessed the handing over of the torch to the 18th EXCO.

Special thanks goes to our Guest-of-Honor, Dr. Chia Shi-Lu, MP for Tanjong Pagar GRC, for gracing this occasion for the third time. We would also like to thank Patrick Oei, DTM, International Director and Tay Yiang Ping, DTM, District 80 Director for their well-delivered address to our club members. Thanks also goes out to our Installation Officer, Tay Tiam Teang, DTM, without whom the 17th EXCO would unfortunately have to resume their duties for an additional year.

Our 17th EXCO deserves our appreciation and affirmation for a successful term, setting the stage for the 18th EXCO to take the club to greater heights.

17th Executive Committee Members – 2014/15

Post Name
President Simon Maaland, CC, CL
VP Education Shaun Sim, CC
VP Membership Manish Garg
VP Public Relations Travis Teo, CC
Secretary Eunice Maaland
Treasurer Tracy Wong, CTM
Sergeant-at-arms Romilly Sinclair
Immediate Past President Veronica Ho, CC









18th Executive Committee Members – 2015/16

Post Name
President Timothy Lin, ACS, ALB
VP Education Kelvin Ng
VP Membership Hoong Tian Jin
VP Public Relations Gabriel Thia
Secretary Anne Nguyen
Treasurer Eng Zee Lin, ACB, CL
Sergeant-at-arms Zachary Tan
Immediate Past President Simon Maaland, CC, CL








Last but not least, we thank all toastmasters members and guests for participating in this special event, and we look forward to a very fruitful and successful 2015/16!

A Look back on 2014/2015 – Queenstown toastmasters Club

It has been a great year! While we say goodbye to 17th Executive Committee and welcome our 18th Executive Committee, let’s take a journey down our memory lane and enjoy this little montage.

Know Your Audience