President Address

President’s Opening Speech for 19 September 2012

How is your posture? What choice have you made? Does your parents, wife , children,
friends or boss know what you are doing? Well great if they know. For some don’t bother.
Keep it!

Good evening District Governor , fellow toastmasters and guests. Welcome to Queenstown
Toastmasters Club.

“Leadership is a posture and a choice, not a role that must be bestowed on you. Step up and
be a leader when no one is watching or expecting you to do so.”— John Izzo and Marshall
Goldsmith, Stepping Up

As I was pondering what should I talk about with the quote of the day. I recall what
the EXCO committee agreed, that Queenstown Toastmasters Club is not molding you
individually just to be a competent communicator BUT leaders. which means you are going
to be made a leader who will be competent in leading and communicating.

With the quote I want to give to you 3 choices you must take to be a competent
communicator and a competent leader.
1. Choosing the right posture of becoming a leader
(join the EXCO committee and members of QTMC
2. Choosing to succeed.
3. Choosing to Step up (calling for action! Be a leader when no one is watching or expecting
you to do so.)

1. Choosing the right posture and a choice to do so and not as a role.

Being a president, Setting the direction for the Queenstown Toastmaster Club is critical.
Choosing the right posture and choice by leading you to the mission of Toastmasters

The mission of the of Toastmasters Club is to provide a mutually supportive and positive
learning environment in which every member has the opportunity to develop communication
and leadership skills, which in turn foster self confidence and personal growth.

With the mission and QTMC Theme which incline to your purpose. Opportunity set right
before you. Grow your passion here. We will soon seeing you unleash your untap potential.

2. Choosing to survive or to succeed is your choice.

What will do for your future?
you have 2 choices really . . .
You can choose to just survive . . .
You can choose to succeed.
But Know This
If you choose to succeed
And decide to prosper, commit to focused goals

YOU will break through walls. eg.

Mindy is not a musically incline but with the opportunity that I had given her and my
daughter to learn at Simei when I was on course. She managed to play piano. Not an easy one
though but through the process. She and my girl managed to play the piano

Next she couldn’t even drive a go-kart
but today she got a driving license.


3. Choosing to step up is the first step to walk in faith and not by sight. My wife Mindy had
made the choice and that is the first step to success. Having the faith with action could bring
you to your desire destiny. You must jump out of the plane and trusting that your parachute
will open widely and bring you down safely. That’s when you overcome your fear. YOU step
out and you gain confidence.

1. Choosing the right posture and a choice to do so and not as a role.
Choosing the right posture and a choice. because in you is untapped potential. YOu! have
unlimited value.

2. Choosing to survive or to succeed is your choice.
Seize the opportunity that comes in your path. If there is one. Create one if you must.
You can achieve whatever you put your mind to to. So choose it.

3. Choosing Step up and be a leader when no one is watching or expecting you to do so.
Increase your confident by stepping forward even when no one sees you doing it

Decide what yo want, prepare your success plan, believe in yourself and remember never to
give up!

“Vision without execution is hallucination.”
— Thomas Edison

President Inaugural Speech Posting 18 July 2012

Good Day!

• Member of Parliament for Tanjong Pagar GRC, Dr. Chia Shi-Lu,
• District 80 Governor DTM, Patrick Oei,
• Division D Governor, ACS, ALS Ching Kwock Wing,
• Area D5 Governor, ACB, CL Catherine Goh,
• Past International Director, DTM Poh Kim Siong,
• Past District 80 Governor, DTM Goh Wei Koon,
• DTM John Sih,
• Guests and members.

It is an honor to be elected as 15th President of Queenstown Toastmasters Club.

Tonight, we are celebrating a new term, a new beginning in Queenstown Toastmasters Club.

With a new beginning, we need a new club motto!

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