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27th November Chapter Meeting Sterlink

Good day Appointment Holders,
From the bottom of my heart, I would like to express my gratitude to every one of you who have contributed to another successful Chapter Meeting! Pardon the very long email =
Thank you Kim Loon for helping to control the meeting and ensure a smooth running of the Chapter Meeting. Your transitions were peppered with humour and wit, and the flow was swift. It has been some time since we ended so early and it is possible because you had a grasp of timing and event.
President’s Opening
Thank you Veron for the very inspiring speech on impacting people one at a time. Your closing statement of “It made a difference” for the story had caught the attention of all listening to your opening address. Your call to serve and make a difference in the lives of others is definitely something that we should strive to do.
Thank you Zhi Hao for taking up the challenge of being our LE. It is not easy, having to not only pay attention but to stay focus while you are taking notes. I tend to get distracted by my own note taking but you were listening intently. Your word of the day was with meaning and values, encouraging us to seize the day. Your suggestion was informative, especially the stressing of the second syllable in a word with 3 or more syllables.
Prepared Speech Speakers
Thank you Manish, Cindy and Simon for your investment of time in preparing for a wonderful speech which inspires while informing us of the little known details in our lives.
Thank you Manish for the Laughter Yoga. I was tensed at the beginning of the meeting, worrying about my Impromptu Speech. However, your speech and demonstration of Laughter Yoga immediately helped me to relax.
Thank you Cindy for introducing the IDAT app by HPB. It will make watching my diet and calories intake easier and i now know it is better to go for KFC Fried Ribs than KFC Fried Drumstick.
Thank you Simon for the very informative speech on Dengue made easy for absorption. I did not know there are so many types of Dengue Fever. I am sorry i couldn’t lay my hands on a projector. It had affected your delivery, but the speech quality was still very high.
Congrats Manish on winning the best speaker!
Thank you Geraldine for the wonderful refreshment. Thank you for ordering it. This selection was pretty well received by everyone.
Thank you Tracy for the little ‘satay’ snacks you made yourself. It was refreshing and yummy!
Speech Evaluators
Thank you Jianyu, Zee, Gwen and Liang Siah for your insights for the speakers. Your sharing had open my eyes and ears, and had helped me realise some things that i missed out. Most of you over run because your evaluation was not for voting purpose but really to benefit the speakers. Thank you for not worrying about the timing and putting the speakers first.
Thank you Jianyu for a very detailed evaluation for our new member Manish. Your suggestions using LAUGH was insightful and has helped me understand how I can improve myself as well, like how i can emphasise on idea using different variations of the same word.
Thank you Zee for a very succinct evaluation for Cindy. Your suggestions were detailed and had definitely helped Cindy. I like the way you structured your evaluation, to the point and with examples. Indeed, you have always been a model for our members and I look forward to learning more from you.
Thank you Gwen for agreeing to be my evaluator. Thank you for so willingly thinking up the topics, even though it is suppose to be my job. Your encouragement and energy have been received and I thank you for investing your time in helping me. I will work on my audience engagement and not being so sedated.
Thank you Liang Siah for a very in-depth evaluation for Simon. Having to hold and pacify a child while evaluating is very challenging and yet you make it look like a walk in the park. Thank you for the additional information about the mosquito and how painful Dengue is. You are a senior member we all look up to and strive to be.
Table Topic
Thank you Tracy for so courageously taking up the Table Topic Master position at such late notice. Thank you for bringing in the fun elements into the topic I prepared. Many perspective you offered while hosting table topics I have not noticed. Thank you for making it so much fun.
Special thanks to Eric, Jianyu, Alice, Glenn, Richard and Ching Kang for being so ‘on-the-ball’ and challenging the table topics. Congrats Alice for the best table topic speaker!
Timer/Ah Counter
Thank you Eunice for keeping watch over the time for the speakers. Thank you for helping me countdown with Simon to help spur me on and to hit the time objective. Thank you for your focus to ensure an accurate timing process.
Thank you Alison for paying attention and listening into our pause fillers. It is easy to get lost in the speeches and missed the pause fillers but you were not distracted.
Visiting Toastmasters and guests, thank you for making your way down and we welcome you to visit us again on the 18th of Dec for our 6th Chapter Meeting and Christmas Celebration.
Thank you members for coming for the 5th Chapter Meeting of the 16th Executive term and I look forward to seeing you for the 6th Chapter Meeting on 18 Dec!
Members who were not able to make it, I hope this note has given you a glimpse of what you have missed and I look forward to seeing you on 18 Dec as well!
Thanks and Regards,
Timothy Lin, CC
Vice President Education 2013/14
Queenstown Toastmasters Club

Sterlink of Meeting on 21 Nov 2012

It was cold n wet when many would prefer to go home, stay indoors and watch TV. Members of QTMC and guests would prefer to attend QTMC mtg for a treat of live performances from our dedicated speakers, evaluators, toastmasters of the evening and guests.

Though the weather had caused traffic jam, delays and challenges but it did not hamper the enthusiasm of our club president to amuse us with his POP!

Eloquent and gorgeous Glenn, TME led the meeting with ease, added spices into his delivery to make the meeting flavorful.

I, Mindy, being the Language Evaluation encouraged the speakers to use ‘white’ in their speeches. Eg. ‘White-hot’ , white-wash, as white as snow, white elephant etc. As our brain react well with colours, when one uses colors in their speeches, they are enabling the audience to visualize and remember the content better.

Stanley who had witnessed the effects of bad drinking habits that affects many lives warned and advised us to be responsible drinkers. He gave us real life ‘horrifying’ stories that kept us grinning our teeth.

Ei Kay gave us a treat on ‘mohinga’ a popular noodle soup in Myammar, esp. in her hometown. She called them ‘threads inside a pool’. She displayed her immersive research in beautiful & descriptive words that caused us to salivate and yearning for that ‘pool of threads’. In replacement we had threads in styrofoam , fantastically delicious fried bee hoon with delectable crispy chicken wings, for refreshment that night.

Benjamin was dressed to impressed! He impersonated Peter Parker, The Spiderman… spinning web and climbing on walls. His amazing body language speaks of his admiration toward his fictional hero. “Everybody loves a hero… everything happens for a reason… therefore let courage be yr friend” excerpt from his speech.

Veronica wooed us with a her many dreams when she was younger. She was a dancer, a sportswoman, an artist, an architect, a designer. She had her hands on all of them and eventually became a credible designer that made many envied and admired. Therefore if she would dream to be a champion speaker, I believe she will be one in time to come. Keep up the good work, Veron!

The rising star, Kegan, pulled our hearts string with a touching tale of an old lady with glistening eyes and a gracious taxi driver. Kegan being the best speaker of the evening reminded us not just to search for great situation but rather live every situation greatly. Kudos Kegan!

All the evaluators did their best gave their analysis and recommendation to the speakers. Their contribution made a difference in the meeting and one has to be present to enjoy and be enriched by their evaluation.

In our table topics segment, we had enthusiastic guests volunteered to face the challenge. Eventually our incoming member, Simon, won the applause and support of many. He won the best table topic speaker ribbon. Well done Simon!

Finally the president closed the meeting calling members to continue to speak & serve. Step forward to write the Sterlink. Step forward to contribute for our year-end chapter meeting next month. Just contact any EXCO members to inform of your contribution.

Don’t forget to bring your friends to join us in the next meeting on 19 Dec ‘Christmas Special’ for another exciting, enriching and enlightening evening!

Thank you!

Sterlink Written by Mindy Ding

Every individual is a gem in the making, in preparation of what is to come