29th March 2017 Club Chapter Meeting

10th Chapter Meeting 2016/2017
29th March 2017, Wednesday
Quote of the evening:
“To be interested in the changing seasons is a happier state of mind than to be hopelessly in love with Spring.”
~ George Santayana, Spanish Philosopher

Time Event Appointment Holder
7 : 00 pm Dinner & Fellowship All
7 : 15 pm Ice Breaking /Intro By Toastmaster of the Evening Poh Liang Siah, ACB, ALB
7 : 25 pm Club President’s Opening Address Ong Sin Tiong, ATMB, CL
7 : 30 pm Word of the Evening (2-3 min) Ong Sin Tiong, ATMB, CL
Prepared Speech Session
7 : 35 pm P1 – The Ice Breaker (4-6min) Sabrina
7 : 45 pm P3 – Get to the Point (5-7min) Karthigan
7 : 55 pm P4 – How to Say It (5-7min) Manisha
8 : 05 pm Timer’s Report
Vote for the Best Prepared Speech Speaker
Lee Lim Qing Ping
8 : 10 pm REFRESHMENT All
Speech Evaluation Session (2-3mins each)
8 : 30 pm Evaluation of (P1) Kelvin Leong, ACB, CL*
8 : 35 pm Evaluation of (P3) Eng Zee Lin, ACB, CL
8 : 40 pm Evaluation of (P4) Chee Kim Loon, ATMB, ALS
8 : 45 pm Timer’s Report
Vote for the Best Speech Evaluator
Lee Lim Qing Ping
Table Topics Session (1-2mins each)
8 : 50 pm Table Topics Tracy Wong, CTM
9 : 05 pm Timer’s Report
Vote for the Best Table Topics Speaker
Lee Lim Qing Ping
9 : 10 pm Language Evaluation Ong Sin Tiong, ATMB, CL
9 : 20 pm Ah-Counter’s Report TBA
9 : 25 pm Awards and Ribbons Presentation
Club President’s Closing Address
Ong Sin Tiong, ATMB, CL
9 : 30 pm Group Photo Taking Program Ends.
Have a safe journey home

* denotes visiting Toastmaster

Special Thanks to:

  1. Kelvin Leong, ACB, CL, WDA TMC


  1. Congratulations to our club representatives for the sterling performance, clinching 1st for Area Table Topics Contest and 2nd for Area International Speech Contest. Timothy will be representing the Area for the Division Contest on 29th April 2017.
  2. April Chapter Meeting on 19th April 2017. Please book your speaking slot with VPE now! Other Appointments needed.
  3. New Term is coming. We are looking for the 20th Executive Committee. Rise up to the challenge and learn by serving. Speaking to any Exco members for more details!

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