17th August 2016 Chapter Meeting

2nd Chapter Meeting 2016/2017
17th August 2016, Wednesday
Theme: Fighting Spirit
Quote of the evening: “The most important thing in life is not the triumph but the struggle. The essential thing is not to have conquered but to have fought well.” – Pierre de Courbertin

Time Event Appointment Holder
7 : 00 pm Dinner & Fellowship All
7 : 15 pm Welcome/Ice Breaker by Toastmaster of the Evening Kelvin Ng, CC
7 : 25 pm Club President’s Opening Address Ong Sin Tiong, ATMB, CL
Prepared Speech Session
7 : 30 pm P2 – Organize Your Speech (5-7 mins) Sandra Berard
7 : 40 pm P5 – Your Body Speaks (5-7 mins) Lee Lim Qing Ping
7 : 50 pm P10 – Inspire Your Audience (8-10 mins) Anne Nguyen
8 : 05 pm Timer’s Report
Vote for the Best Prepared Speech Speaker
Serene Oh, CC
8 : 10 pm Leadership Series Timothy Lin, DTM
8 : 25 pm REFRESHMENTS All
Speech Evaluation Session (2-3 mins each)
8 : 35 pm Evaluation of Sandra Berard (P2) Eng Zee Lin, ACB, CL
8 : 40 pm Evaluation of Lee Lim Qing Ping (P5) Ireyah Basman
8 : 45 pm Evaluation of Anne Nguyen (P10) James Lim, DTM
8 : 50 pm Timer’s Report
Vote for the Best Speech Evaluator
Serene Oh, CC
Table Topics Session (1-2 mins each)
8 : 55 pm Table Topics Lee Lim Qing Ping
9 : 10 pm Timer’s Report
Vote for the Best Table Topics Speaker
Serene Oh, CC
9 : 15 pm General Evaluation Rose Ho, DTM
9 : 25 pm Awards and Ribbons Presentation
Club President’s Closing Address
Ong Sin Tiong, ATMB, CL
9 : 30 pm Group Photo Taking
Programme Ends. Have a safe journey home
    Special thanks to:

  1. Ireyah Basman from Bukit Timah CC Toastmasters Club

  1. Club Humorous Speech and Speech Evaluation Contests on 31st August. Approach VPE to join the contests today!
  2. Next chapter meeting is on 21st September 2016. Book your speaking slots with VPE now! Other appointment holders needed.

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