P9 Speech – Broadcasting your Resolutions

This is the script of P9 Speech – Persuade with Power. – By Toastmaster Travis Teo, delivered on 18 Dec 2014. Want to improve your public speaking and communication skills, join us for one of our Chapter Meeting and embark on the journey of toastmaster.


Good evening fellow toastmasters, Mr. President and especially to Tim and Richard. I remembered exactly one year ago, I attended my first toastmaster chapter meeting, also on a Christmas celebration night, and Tim and Richard were the first 2 persons that welcome me to the club. I’m glad that after one year, I managed to survive and giving my 9th speech today – Persuade with Power.

We are 2 weeks away from 2015. And is the moment of the year to reflect on our achievement and also making new resolution for next year. Anyone of you have made resolution at the start of the year? Anyone of you have completed them?According to an article by Forbes survey show that 40% of us make new year resolutions for all the good intentions, only a tiny fraction of us keep our resolutions. University of Scranton research suggests that just 8% of people achieve their New Year’s goals. So this is a common problem, even if you made the new year resolutions, you might have hard time fulfilling them.But I have a solution and it’s a simple one. It’s to make resolutions, write them down and announce these resolutions publicly, whether to your love ones personally or through your Facebook, Instagram, or if you wish, to broadcast the 3 resolutions to fellow toastmasters here. Why? because according to article and below examples, making your resolution visible to public will motivate to do it better and the chance of success in fulfilling you resolution improve.

I have a friend of mine who run into debts into $20,000 due to credit cards, overdraft, he has the same problem going on for years and finally few years back, decide that enough is enough, make his new year resolutions public, through Facebook, that he will be debt free and stop unnecessary spending through out the year. Every time he would post his saving publicly so  In less than a year, he paid off his debt.

And there is Julie, In 2002, Julie Powell (Adams) is a young writer with an unpleasant job she make a resolution to cook all 524 recipes in Mastering the Art of French Cooking (1961) by Julia Child in one year; Powell decides to write a blog to motivate herself and document her progress. Of course, she succeed and this story has made into a movie, Julie and Julia

And there is this guy, back in December 2013, he was about to give a presentation in front of his colleagues, almost same size as this room, suddenly, he just blackout, mumbling his way out of the presentation, in the presence of his boss and boss. After that presentation, knowing that he just bombed a presentation,  he wrote a resolution to all his colleagues and his boss and boss’s boss that one of his new year resolution is to improve his public speaking by joining toastmaster, that’s one week before he met Tim and Richard, one year before he gave the P9 speech. Anyway, he still have the job luckily.

Although writing resolutions down and broadcast them is just one of way of motivation, it’s an important first step.

And now I urge you to create 3 resolutions for yourself, and announce it. So as a start, I’m going to announce my 2015 resolution?

1. Presenting a topic of my expertise in external event. I did one panel discussion in front of big crowd the other day, but I hope to up one level and have a solo presentation.
2. Some of you may know that I sometimes like to blog, so another resolution for me is to Publish an article of my to an established website,
3. Learn to cook. I know some simple dishes, but my resolution is to have more different pattern on my cooking.
So you see your programme sheet on your table, turn it over, you will see the blank, write down your 3 resolutions there and broadcast them now.

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