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Sterlink of Meeting on 21 Nov 2012

It was cold n wet when many would prefer to go home, stay indoors and watch TV. Members of QTMC and guests would prefer to attend QTMC mtg for a treat of live performances from our dedicated speakers, evaluators, toastmasters of the evening and guests.

Though the weather had caused traffic jam, delays and challenges but it did not hamper the enthusiasm of our club president to amuse us with his POP!

Eloquent and gorgeous Glenn, TME led the meeting with ease, added spices into his delivery to make the meeting flavorful.

I, Mindy, being the Language Evaluation encouraged the speakers to use ‘white’ in their speeches. Eg. ‘White-hot’ , white-wash, as white as snow, white elephant etc. As our brain react well with colours, when one uses colors in their speeches, they are enabling the audience to visualize and remember the content better.

Stanley who had witnessed the effects of bad drinking habits that affects many lives warned and advised us to be responsible drinkers. He gave us real life ‘horrifying’ stories that kept us grinning our teeth.

Ei Kay gave us a treat on ‘mohinga’ a popular noodle soup in Myammar, esp. in her hometown. She called them ‘threads inside a pool’. She displayed her immersive research in beautiful & descriptive words that caused us to salivate and yearning for that ‘pool of threads’. In replacement we had threads in styrofoam , fantastically delicious fried bee hoon with delectable crispy chicken wings, for refreshment that night.

Benjamin was dressed to impressed! He impersonated Peter Parker, The Spiderman… spinning web and climbing on walls. His amazing body language speaks of his admiration toward his fictional hero. “Everybody loves a hero… everything happens for a reason… therefore let courage be yr friend” excerpt from his speech.

Veronica wooed us with a her many dreams when she was younger. She was a dancer, a sportswoman, an artist, an architect, a designer. She had her hands on all of them and eventually became a credible designer that made many envied and admired. Therefore if she would dream to be a champion speaker, I believe she will be one in time to come. Keep up the good work, Veron!

The rising star, Kegan, pulled our hearts string with a touching tale of an old lady with glistening eyes and a gracious taxi driver. Kegan being the best speaker of the evening reminded us not just to search for great situation but rather live every situation greatly. Kudos Kegan!

All the evaluators did their best gave their analysis and recommendation to the speakers. Their contribution made a difference in the meeting and one has to be present to enjoy and be enriched by their evaluation.

In our table topics segment, we had enthusiastic guests volunteered to face the challenge. Eventually our incoming member, Simon, won the applause and support of many. He won the best table topic speaker ribbon. Well done Simon!

Finally the president closed the meeting calling members to continue to speak & serve. Step forward to write the Sterlink. Step forward to contribute for our year-end chapter meeting next month. Just contact any EXCO members to inform of your contribution.

Don’t forget to bring your friends to join us in the next meeting on 19 Dec ‘Christmas Special’ for another exciting, enriching and enlightening evening!

Thank you!

Sterlink Written by Mindy Ding

Every individual is a gem in the making, in preparation of what is to come