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It seemed the effect had taken place, we were, not long ago talking about the fun of food, it immediately created in awe of liking, more members were predicating their speeches to food-related subjects as their core theme, or somehow implicit in their contents. Toastmaster movement is just like the above quotation, you, who create an opportunity for members to participate. He, who creates the expansion of the opportunity that’s given, It is a win-win scenario, the scenario that tags to the opportunity, is an effluence created by our club.
On 17th October 2012, “The story of opportunity” unfolds…
Melissa, the TME called upon the meeting, she is the antecedent of the past Club’s President, to kick off with a “sweat and short” self introduction of the new members and guests. It was quite a few new faces came to visit our club’s meeting. In the causal interaction with them before the meeting commenced, this was the feedback we garnered: They came to personally behold the quality of our club and thereby to join our club member is of the main reason.
The brand’s that counts! We are not bragging about how superior of the club is, as a matter of fact, the club’s branding is the culmination of years of effort and hard work! Thanks to all members!
“The man in black”, prominent figure dressed in smart dress code. The smart dress code represents power, status and significant to the club. He is our Club’s President, Richard, who walked up to the front confidently upon announcement made by Melissa. He gave us his opening address by quoting Patty Hansen’s idea “you create your opportunity by asking for them”. He is central to the club’s development, and he encouraged us to act upon Patty’s claim. Richard’s sublimation remarks, emphasized the importance of seizing the opportunity, to participate, and to get involvement of the club’s various events and activities, and even undertake the leader role apart from the monthly routine meeting. Well, no worry Mr. President, we will support you!
Swiftly, the first prepared speech speaker, Fangli, relatively new to our club, attempting her Project 1. A Mechanical Engineering (ME) trained lecturer from Singapore Polytechnic. ME is quite a dry and boring subject to most people. However, for Fangli’s stance, she was strongly denying it, she overthrew the myth by re-examining the grey area. On the contrary, she envied us with her story. In her story, she informed us she was the only beauty in the campus and ended up engaged with her current husband. Was that a joke that she was deliberately claiming herself as a famine in her story, or was it a kind of subjugation? Or was she trying to project a perfect world concept that the prince and princess are living together happily and forever? She took us to her own version of fairy tale; a fairy tale that led us to a picture of pastoral landscape, entered into a turreted image of castle…we immersed in the dreams of fairy tale, started emerging in our brains with fictitious effect when her story continued. I had a difficulty to get out of this fictitious dream, how about you? If you have got more to find out her story, you may do so in the next opportunity of meeting her again.
The story was continued when Kegan, the second speaker, attempting his Project 4. He shared with us the definition of ‘what a perfect world” meant to him. He gave a reference to his perfect world which came with three parameters, Good Food, Good Fun and Good Friends. I agreed with his assumptions, but when I was examining my BMI, I rather choose to be his good peer as a first priority. Kegan’s terminology for good fun is his dream place conceived as a Paradise – famous resorts in Thailand. The country that provides exotic resorts, the fun of beach, the sun and the sea, that project a nice landscape of so called beautiful world, altogether with food, fun and people, a paradise that you could associate with…
Associate with food, finger licking food was the boundary that Glenn was trying to challenge. He was attempting his AP10. The Colonel’s Kentucky Friend chicken, his original recipe was only recognized by 1,009 rejections. Glenn’s version of the perfect world was portraying in a form of “double swords” effect. That was the hard work that Colonel had been putting in despite the fact of 1,009 rejections. Colonel’s effort was recognized at last, and he is enjoying his “food of labor” now. His perseverance and determination have paid for. Glenn transpired Colonel’s secret – his success story, and this successfulness is not only in terms of his secret recipes, but his perfect unique hard work that he had paid for too. Seizing every opportunity to pursue his dream of success also transcends to a new vision of contemporary “fairy tale” happy forever. What Glenn was trying to inform us by quoting this classic example, was to encourage the members, which behind every successful story, every opportunity and hard works. He reconciled a perfect “double swords” story which every success is deemed possible.
This modern “fairy tale” was just begun, Mindy, wearing a tight-fit black top, fluttered voluptuously within the front area of the meeting room. She was attempting her project AP7. She immersed herself in her own vision of fairy tale story; she played a role of Beauty, a resurrection of modern “Beauty and the Beast” story. The Beauty falls in love with the Beast (her current habby) without single rejection at all. She interpreted the Beast within her life is important to her, The Beast turns to Prince Charming within her perfect world model. She needs not even have to reverse her role of feminism, not even have to trickle droplet of tears to transform him to another Prince Charming as he already is. The “he” is always her already formed “dictionary” for consultation. What a perfect world within them, this was what Mindy’s intention and she was trying to convey in her story. She has successfully seized her opportunity, not seized him as a trophy, but seized him as a gem by withholding the perfect Prince Charming as her life partner.
In Jared version, (an invited guest), having his AP2 in our meeting, he provided us with an “opportunity” to understand his story. This was a complete distinction of understanding his version of “perfect world”. His perfect way of seizing every opportunity to reply those nuisance emails. His contemplation of fighting back at mediation seeming failed when the moment he received negative remarks, turning down by the receptionist at the door. This is against Jared’s intention to promote basic etiquette of email contents and it seemed many at times this area was overboard, social harmony is lacking here.
The break came back with more stories. Zee Lin was ready to share her story, dressed in pastoral blue top. She was the Evaluator for Fengi, her story was resonated with humors of self –discrimination, she regretted to be an Engineer trained background, else the story of Prince and Princess would be resurrected, and she would be the only targeted Beauty to be seized in fast rate.

The story teller Tracy, also the Evaluator, she evaluated Kegan’s project. She paralleled her story with Kegan. She also claimed as one of the holiday goers, she has seized every possible chance to go for a holiday with her love ones. A perfect resort is alluding to a perfect world to support her claim.
Jared maintained his same composure to his stance, so I would not elaborate for him further. But for Ted Chong, another invited guest, giving his view on Mindy’s project, apparently, he was jealous for being not a perfect gem for Mindy. He was incredulous in believing it, but certainly he needs to work a little bit harder to rule out such imperfect world –to him this was a palpable system. As we can see, he was trying to foreshow and challenge the binaristic world; which presents it in the pre-determined format of “perfect Prince and Princess”. Even he is not as perfect as the Prince Charming, in order to outshine other Prince Charming, he could have broken the historical shackle.
Liang Seah provided his view for Jared. He foreground the perfect world to be conceived, it supposed to establish on a mutual arrangement.
Table topic master, it was handled by the writer of this article. Again, he only counts the central to the perfect world; all must seize every opportunity. The respondents to his questions were seen responsive; they have learnt fact enough to become KS (Kia Su syndrome among fellow Singaporeans, to be perfect for every achievement of success). Nobody wants to lose out to anybody and everybody wants to be the winner; the rumbling resonation was thus deciding only one perfect winner in this segment. The rumbling resonation also announced the winner for the best speaker and evaluator.
a) Best Table Topic speaker – Ted Chong
b) Best Prepared Speech Speaker – Glenn
c) Best Project Evaluator – Jared Kang
Albert Lim was contributing to the perfect use of the language in this meeting, a regular guest to our club. In consideration of taking the fact of the binaristic world, good and bad, perfect and imperfect, black and white, etc. Albert pointed out good use of language, and otherwise. Of course, some speakers were appreciated by using the language adroitly.
The meeting came to the end of the perfect meeting with perfect speakers, with their perfect views. But one central rule to the perfect match that not to forget is the seizure of the opportunity. Although there is no such thing as perfect in this world, and definitely there is no universal answer to legitimate this argument. We are trying to be perfect as close as possible, as close as possible not to miss any meeting, this equates to the opportunity that has been underlying for you to seize for it!
See you guys in the next meeting!


Recorded by: Ken Quah

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