Sterlink for 19 September 2012

It is always looking forward to the meeting date. At last, we met again on 19 September 2012!

It was not surprised to see many friends in the meeting to support the club. We cogently believe that our club’s quality means a lot. Apart from attracting many new entrants (it’s a on-going process by the way) to the club, it is much evident to see the existing members that are always there to give a hand, they are in returns to continue the club’s motto – Purpose, Opportunity and Passion the doors are always open and it resemblances to reaching arms to embrace you in curdle, parodying the relationship of the mother and child relationship continues to nurture new members. In the form of providing speaker a speaking platform to upskill and reskill, isn’t it?

We would continue the club’s spirit and soar as high as an eagle!

The meeting proceeding is rekindling in this write-up; it is designed in the manner that to “enact” you and bring you to what was happening then. And in essence, all speakers that made contributions to either roles or appointments are meaningful to this meeting. Those who are faded in memory may, or for those that have not gone gaga yet, it is a good refresher.

The meeting started off with a number of laughers when attendances were
invited by the SAA, the role that undertaken by Veronica, to share the
food that they like best. The impetuous comments from the floor seemed
interesting. Good job for Veronica, perhaps she is one of the best gourmet in town. Who knows?

Next, the program immediately moved on to the host on rein that night, or rather, the evergreen Toastmaster of the evening “ Lian Siah”, he always cajoled in the forms of muscularity and powerful voice, he certainly qualified to be one! His deliverance was haranguing the audiences. His humorous “tricks” of picking up texts that used by various speakers were wittily connected and represented them as of his own contents. At times the content seemed bathos; nevertheless, he had gained a good grip of attention to many.One good example that his reference was the “housefly” that appropriates to “butterfly”. Well done!

Polly was the first speaker that intrigued me a lot! I was assigned to evaluate her maiden presentation – Project 1, her speech was appalling. I had to keep abreast of every small detail of her speech that she delivered. Every tinge of her presentation would be pulsating to me in order to take her speech seriously. When I listened to her speech, somehow it was a little bit looming to me. However, the wee did not disappoint us, she proved to us that he has got great potential and in fact, she has already geared up on her way confidently to the “next outstanding speaker to be” very soon.

It followed by Benjamin attempting his P1 as well, a young lad that had been undermined; he challenged all his way from a repressed anger, thus far a speaker that overcame his fear of being oppressive, to the gut of presenting his speech to us. I admire his bravery. For sure, he is not going to shun away.

Again, The Queenstown Toastmaster Club, it alludes to a role of motherly love that undertakes the mission of taking care of him, nurtures him till one day, and transforms him to a beautiful butterfly! Benjamin, remember to hang on, you will find solace in our club, yes you can!

The next speaker Glenn, not new to club but new to me, he is another one that in returns to empower the strength of Queenstown Toastmaster Club. Meanwhile, he does not forget the club that cultivated him once, ever since he left the club. I have no chance to have a good chat with him the reason but we definitely welcome him back. He is such a natural speaker when I voiced it out, Tracy nodded her head repeatedly in unison, “he speaks like running water from the tap” (do pardon me, it is an inadvertently description between us) oh Yes! Strongly agree with this sentiment.

Tracy was the project evaluator for Benjamin, she was so moved by
benjamin’s speech that she could not control herself, commented by LE (Lim She Leng) as a Hip-Hop dancer. “Please control yourself Tracy!” echoed the audience. Perhaps Tracy was so reciprocated by Benjamin and she was trying to evoke us with her evaluation. Or perhaps she wanted to be the next wannabe. Well, do check it out in the next meeting!

The next evaluator for Glenn was Clifford Heng, as an invited guest for our club. He did not buy the idea of infusing the Hip-Hop dancing into his speech. He chose to be calm, chivalrous and emphatic speaking style. He started off with a story telling and gradually threaded us to his genre in proper. He managed to make strides to exhort you to a pang of jealously. Needless to say, another good speaker that analogizing to “he speaks like running water from the tap”. What a narcissistic speaker indeed!

I mentioned earlier, old members were seeing in returns to the arms of
Queenstown Toastmasters Club, Coen was invited to our club as a LE.
Beginning of the meeting, I have chat with him and now he is a full time trainer. While prior to his previous job, it was totally a different aspect, an abrupt change to his career path. Now he is confidently to undertake any new challenge as a good public speaker and organized various workshops for wider spectrum from corporate sectors to private companies. We witnessed Coen’s transformation, and now he came back as a hero to me, came back to provide his verbose style of presentation. With the aid of various props, metaphors, alliterations, anaphora, to enhance his speeches, he certainly has a close relationship with us and we will continue to look out for his availability, and for him, he will certainly come back to support our club.

Another invited guest, Lim She Leng as our GE, a pompous speaker that
gave us wonderful insight of the entire programme layout. She managed to pick up good practices and things that were devoid of integrity, allow room for improvement. She presented it in a form of grasping our attention. Thanks to her enlightenment and we will take note for the next meeting without recurrence.

Lastly, not to forget other appointment holders, SAA represented by
Veronica, Timer represented by Connie, Ah Counter represented by Ei
Kay and the Table topic master represented by Bernard. Also extend the
appreciation to all participants in regard to their active response to Bernard’s table topic.

To round it up, the President Richard gave his closing address and we called it a day. A happy ending for all of us as we observed grin and smiling faces walking out from the room.

Again, it is always looking forward to the meeting date. See you guys in the next meeting!

Sterlink written by Ken Quah

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