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President Inaugural Speech Posting 18 July 2012

Good Day!

• Member of Parliament for Tanjong Pagar GRC, Dr. Chia Shi-Lu,
• District 80 Governor DTM, Patrick Oei,
• Division D Governor, ACS, ALS Ching Kwock Wing,
• Area D5 Governor, ACB, CL Catherine Goh,
• Past International Director, DTM Poh Kim Siong,
• Past District 80 Governor, DTM Goh Wei Koon,
• DTM John Sih,
• Guests and members.

It is an honor to be elected as 15th President of Queenstown Toastmasters Club.

Tonight, we are celebrating a new term, a new beginning in Queenstown Toastmasters Club.

With a new beginning, we need a new club motto!

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